How is the test related to us?

DNA and genes say a lot about you.  It may dictate, for example, what food you like, what diseases you are prone to develop, how smart you are…… nearly every aspect of your being. Genetic testing delivers information about your personal genetic blueprint that enables you to take preventive, predictive and personalized treatments that gives you a healthy and fulfilling life.

approximate the DNA molecule on a blue background

Test Flow

  • Sample Collection

    It is easy, painless and non-invasive. It only requires some oral samples by taking saliva sample from the mouth by using a cotton swab. You can get your test done at our office or at your home with our handy test kit.

  • Analysis

    The sample will then be sent for testing and analysis by our specialists and results will be ready in 14 business days.

  • Consultation

    The results in a report format will be presented and explained to you by our in-house specialist who will provide advice and suggestions and work out the best plan based on the test results, may it be preventive medicine, genetic risk for diseases, education advice or development plan in tested areas.