How is the test related to us?

DNA and genes say a lot about you. It may dictate, for example, what food you like, what diseases you are prone to develop, how smart you are…… nearly every aspect of your being. Genetic testing delivers information about your personal genetic blueprint that enables you to take preventive, predictive and personalized treatments that gives you a healthy and fulfilling life.

What is DNA?

Our body contains numerous tiny cells, and almost all of them contain the complete set of instructions for making us. These instructions are encoded in a double helix shaped molecule inside the cells called DNA.
Each DNA molecule is made up of a chain of nucleotides with interlocking pair units, namely base pairs. Different organisms have different DNA sequences. Some are very similar and some are very distant apart.
Hence, DNA is the unique code of life.Your DNA is what makes you !

What is DNA test?

DNA test is the technology of reading our DNA from our body specimens, usually from saliva or blood samples, in a fast and efficient manner. Information retrieved from the test assesses health risks and personalized medical prevention of disease can be achieved; by knowing our own genetically predisposed lifestyle, personalized sports, dietary and other daily living options can be optimized.