About us

Company Profile

Lifecode is a biotech and health management company based in Hong Kong. By providing a digital health platform for aggregating genetic/medical/health data, we aim to lead better personalized health predictions, preventions and treatment for a better life.


Using genetic testing techniques, the company conducts services by generating personalized reports about an individual’s carrier status, whole genome sequencing, propensity for the development of cancers, drug medication response, as well as certain complex diseases. The more you know about yourself, the more science and medicine can advance in the prevention against diseases.


At Lifecode, we are creating an advanced health management platform by providing DNA information, from health conditions to lifestyle traits, your genetic make-up offers specific and actionable insights into your health; insight you can use everyday to live better.

Lab Partner

Pangenia is our long-term partner who provides access to the latest in molecular diagnostic testing via the most advanced available technology for genetic screening and hereditary risk assessments. Pangenia is HOKLAS and ISO 15189 accredited. Our experts provide in-depth data analyses, specialist knowledge and valuable insights that enable you to design the best possible care, recommendations and courses of treatment.