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Our test allows you to retrieve genetic findings that contribute to intelligence, personality characteristics, and physical abilities of yourself. Through the assessment, you can find out your genetic potential (talent), personality and physical characteristics, understanding your genetic tendency and advantages, that eventually leads to personal development the most natural and effortless way.

This is one of our most popular tests, it can reveal early identification of a child’s hidden talents that helps parent to maximize development of their child and unleash their potential. And by building a strong foundation at an early age, the child has a higher chance to succeed in life!



You are unique and so does your skin. A cream that works well for someone doesn’t mean it’s right for you. The best way to maintain healthy skin is to identify your skin’s genetic potential and answer the needs of your skin by revealing your unique skin profile. From there, you can find the skin care products with the right ingredients or appropriate treatments that works best for your skin. Literally, it’s about helping you to spend their skin care dollars in a more purposeful way. Instead of focusing on just what you can see manifesting on your face, you can actually tackle the root of the problem and potentially prevent future skin issues.


Fitness (Sports & Nutrigenomics)

Our genes dictate how we respond to different food and exercise, and by knowing our genetic variants, we can reveal the strengths within our genes and predispositions to body weight and sporting ability, working a personalized plan for our body to achieve fitness goals. And fitness fans can discover if they have sporting potential and a natural aptitude for endurance sports (like running, cycling or swimming) or power sports (like sprinting or weight lifting).

Our test covers these areas : muscle building, fat burning, dieting, energy metabolism, sports and much more.

Our DNA test also provides findings how our bodies respond to say carbohydrates, saturated fats, how sensitive to these essence and we can work out a tailored diet to achieve nutrition goal, may it be simply for well-being and a more healthy lifestyle, or special health needs like over-weight or under-weight.



Our allergy test will provide information on your tendency for the development of allergies as well as predispositions to asthma, autoimmune diseases or atopic dermatitis. The test determines the genetic predisposition to the development of allergies and the test findings includes information about the susceptibility, or its lack, for the development of an allergy and many other issues associated with hypersensitivity of the immune system, including autoimmune diseases. And more importantly, it determines the predisposition towards the development of an allergy before symptoms occur.

Our consultant will provide advice and guidance as to which conditions are optimum for those with a genetic tendency to allergies plus preventative measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of developing allergies.


Food Intolerance

Now you can find out whether you need to go gluten-free or if your favorite ice cream is causing you digestive discomfort by discovering your food sensitivities and see how well you digest with different type of food categories like gluten, dairy, and wheat.

Our test measures your immune response to the different food categories and determines whether you really shouldn’t be partaking in them.